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Moving Supplies

At American Storage, we offer a large selection of moving and storage supplies. Selection and pricing is listed below.

Clear Packing Tape

Clear Packing Tape
Single Roll
Price: $.99

10 lb. Box Wrapping Paper

10 lb. Box Wrapping Paper 
Price: $18.72

Small Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap - small 
Price: $3.50, large $6.99

Moving Covers

Price: $3.95, chair (2 pack) 
$3.89, sofa 
$4.25 mattress totes:
full $3.69, twin $3.49, queen $4.39, king $4.99

Glassware Packing Kit

Glass Packing Kit 
Price: $8.66

Dishware Packing Set

Dish Packing Kit 
Price: $9.74